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2 months ago

There Is No Clear Path To Network Marketing Success. Or Is There? By Yoshi Kundagawa

. However, perseverance and passion will help to promote the company efficiently thereby yielding returns within the type of increased attention and Scott Yancey also profits. there Is no clear Way To Network Advertising Success.

A men's adventure magazine named Stag got wind regarding Hefner's title for his venture. In spite of the allegation that will Mildred "allowed" him to nap using various other women, the marriage ended up being strained. However, perseverance and passion will assistance to market the company effectively thereby yielding returns within the form of elevated interest and also profits. A New universal rule can end up being to boost your current private network simply by interacting with individuals and socializing because this will assist to contacts these contacts may be approached later regarding purposes associated with prospecting.. His access to ladies changed Hefner.

Network Marketing And Also Advertising can be a relatively current marketing concept which in turn features the conclusion purpose involving growing income as well as returns. [One, Crystal Harris--the "reality" TV display produced by simply Hugh, dumped him shortly just before a planned wedding throughout 201 She, regarding course, had featured inside Playboy--a chuffing Hugh Hefner ordered your ex image removed from which current issue's covers. This was obviously a DC-9-32, appointed to match Hefner's tastes. The Particular proposals and also ideas that have labored previously together with additional network marketers may show lucrative with regard to similar businesses. Inquire concerning previously effective strategies along with try to tweak these phones suit the situation from hand along with learn from others' mistakes because this may prevent you against repeating them.

Companies use Network Advertising to end up being able to advertise their goods and as a new result, produce company simply by inviting prospects to participate the business along with individuals to acquire the products offered. Network marketing success may be attained depending around the individuals involved, efforts made in add-on in order to their advertising skills.

Network Marketing and Advertising success promises a great income. reading and mastering regarding good results stories associated with experienced network marketers can help to get a new grasp in the techniques that are implemented and how far they are already successful.

Bunny Man. However, perseverance along with passion will help to market the business enterprise successfully thereby yielding returns inside the kind of elevated interest and also profits. However, inside the lack of just about any clear-cut verified techniques, Network marketing success depends around the creativity and in addition the reach in the marketing as well as advertising strategies implemented from the marketers. [Hefner advised an interviewer in 2006 that she had given him your cash, "Not since the girl believed inside the venture, yet since the girl believed in their son. . from the distinct sort of Renaissance Man.

9 months ago

Chinese flee stocks to buy foreign real estate

Chinese buyers have already spent billions in the U.S., UK and Australia, causing property prices to rise -- and experts say much more cash is on its way.

The latest triggers: Chinese stocks have crashed 40% since June, wiping away trillions of dollars in market value; and Beijing surprised investors by allowing the yuan -- or renminbi -- to fall sharply last month.

Chinese are starting to "think money in the bank is not safe -- it won't gain any value if the renminbi is still devaluing," said David Ji of Knight Frank, an international real estate agency. "So people will look to real estate as a more solid investment channel."

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Chinese investors are already very active in residential property markets in major cities such as New York, London and Sydney.

They're the leading foreign buyers of U.S. homes. Sales reached a record $29 billion in the 12 months to March 30 -- that's more than a quarter of all foreign purchases by value, according to the National Association of Realtors.

In Australia, sales of homes to Chinese are expected to total $60 billion between now and 2020, double the amount spent in the previous six years, according to Credit Suisse.

And Chinese buyers already account for over a quarter of all London home purchases, says Savills.

With prices rising fast in major world cities, some Chinese buyers are getting more creative. They're teaming up with local partners or looking to newer markets such as Poland. In the UK, they're branching out beyond London and pouring money into surrounding areas, such as the county of Surrey.

Commercial real estate deals are also on the rise.

Knight Frank expects Chinese investors to spend $20 billion on major deals this year, compared with $5.5 billion in 2012.

Chinese are "getting more active right now -- we haven't seen any slowdown," said Simon Lo of Colliers International, a property agency.

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China offers limited options for local investors. Many sank money into stocks after domestic property prices began falling around four years ago, or in riskier investments that have proliferated in the shadow banking sector.

But those seeking more stable returns have increasingly turned to overseas real estate.

The rush into world markets has taken place despite an annual limit of $50,000 on the amount of money an individual can move out of China.

Those restrictions mean that investing abroad takes more planning -- for example, moving money out over a long period of time, or securing approvals to send large sums abroad -- but it's clear that investor interest isn't going away.

"We've seen big transactions in the States -- buying a whole block of hotels for commercial development...a whole block of flats," Lo said. Investors are "looking at things differently -- what is the best way to secure long term investment opportunities?"

CNNMoney (Hong Kong) First published September 2, 2015: 8:36 AM ET

9 months ago

Structured Thinking Set to Revolutionize Personal Development

World-renowned self-development expert Andy Shaw reveals how tiny changes to thinking structures and thought patterns can create successes and achievements in life like never before.

( -- January 5, 2016) Steyning, West Sussex -- Andy Shaw, the creator of the hugely successful Bug Free Mind self-development series has recently released a revolutionary video, depicting how simple changes to an individuals thought patterns can create phenomenal results. On the subject, creator Andy Shaw says: "Throughout life, we are taught what to think... But we are never taught how to think. We believe from a young age that we just need to obtain more and more knowledge, and that is directly correlative to becoming more and more successful. But thats just wrong. Why should we wait around until that useless knowledge we spent years Tai Lopez reviews learning finally becomes relevant, when we can use our time more wisely to train our minds to understand why we think, and really get the most out of our potential?"

Shaws latest video, released alongside his Bug Free Mind series, challenges individuals to harness the power of their consciousness, whilst creating a manageable thought system that can guide anyone through the stresses and strains of daily life. "This video is for anyone, from people suffering from depression or mental disorders, to those who occasionally find themselves overwhelmed and stressed by events or day-to-day life. It will teach you to create an organized thought system, that can replace the erratic and stressful thought patterns that most people have adopted in modern life" Shaw continued.

Shaw has even replied himself to hundreds of comments below the video, many of which are viewers who are suffering from mental and physical illnesses. Sally, for example, stated: "I am hoping your system can help me with the anxiety, depression and problems concentrating which are holding me back since surviving a severe brain hemorrhage a few years ago". Shaws reply emphasizes the flexibility and tai lopez wikipedia individuality of this program, stating: "Frankly, if this cant then not a lot else that I know of can. I did not set out to create a process which helped with the ailments you mentioned, I set out to create a process to help a person maximize their potential. A necessary element of that was to ensure a person had no anxiety or depression, so curing those is a happy by-product."

Shaws video reveals to viewers how problems in life can be simply solved by adopting a new perspective on life, and by considering how by raising levels of consciousness, problems and issues can be solved in a much more effective manner. Training videos and personal development books are available to view for free on Shaws website,


About Saltori

Andy Shaw - The Saltori Process has now been proven in over 130 countries. Our purpose is to provide freedom from pain, happiness and certain success to the world one mind at a time

9 months ago

H&R Real Estate Investment Trust (HR_u.TO) Quote|

H&R Real Estate Investment Dean Graziosi Trust (the REIT) is a Canada-based open-ended investment trust. The objectives of the REIT are to provide holders of REIT Units with stable and growing cash distributions, generated by revenue it derives from investments in income-producing real estate properties, and maximize REIT Unit value through... (more)

9 months ago

Some companies pay employees to take vacation

Twelve percent of Americans are willing to forego paying their bills to be able to go on vacation(AP)

While some workers need no incentive to take a break from the office, statistics show that it's always that employees have trouble stepping away.

According to, 75 percent of employees with paid time off didn't take all their vacation in 2013. Not taking a break can lead to fatigue, burnout, heart problems and overall reduced productivity.

But those nonstop workers also make their colleagues who do take vacation feel guilty, according to the Wall Street Journal.

And while most companies may turn a blind eye to workaholics, or even praise them, it turns out those who have trouble disconnecting from their work may actually cause problems for the entire office, reports Journal.

So how do companies combat those nonstop workers who cant getaway?

Pay them more for actually taking time off. Thats right, were not just talking about salaried time off- were talking about a real vacation bonus.

Evernote, a software services company based in Redwood City, California, has an unlimited paid vacation time policy, which can get confusing.

"Maybe that means they don't want me to take any," says Phil Libin, chief executive told the Journal.

To combat the notion that the company wanted their workers in the building 365 days of the year, Libin started a program where employees received $1,000 to go away for a week. The cash incentive is only received once the worker has completed their full vacation. Really.

Another software firm, FullContact,initiated a program in 2012 that offered each employee $7,500 a year to help finance personal vacations. The Journal reported that used vacation time rose sharply after the money was offered and now employees take a week to nine days of time off.

Other companies have started mandating that employees use up their vacation time. How this is enforced remains unclear.

While taking time off has been known to improve overall wellness, research indicates that those who cant unwind may supercede their more relaxed peers.

Oxford Economics conduced a survey of 971 employees and found that 13 percent of managers were less likely to promote employees who took all of their allotted vacation. The DIW Economic Bulletin published a German study in 2012 that indicated employees who took fewer days off earned almost three percent more than those who took all their vacation time.

9 months ago

5 Tips for a Low Stress First Rental Property Investment


You don't have to be the investor in the photo. Sure, doing anything for the first time can be a little stressful. And, it's definitely a major investment to buy your first rental home. But, you really can make it happen without going into stress overload. Here are my top 5 tips to enjoy a successful and low stress first rental property investment.

Tip #1: Advice is OK, but Do Your Own Research

Take courses, read investment books, go to a seminar, or any other learning process that helps you to gain confi

9 months ago

Promod Haque Interviewed on Early Stage Investments in U.S. and India

Promod Haque states We see opportunities in the venture space globally in a lot of different sectors. Each country might be slightly different, depending on the stage of development. But venture Dean Graziosi investments are being made everywhere. We are making them very aggressively here Dean Graziosi in the US, while we also do a lot of late-stage investments. We are not a pure venture capital, early-stage fund. We are a large fund, which invests large amounts of money. To give you an idea of our range of investments, we might make a million-dollar investment, but on the same day be looking at one of the later-stage companies, and be writing a $75-million cheque. Therefore, our vantage point is quite different.

Read more at the source:

9 months ago

National health care company apologizes for 'No Haitians' job ad

A national home health company apologized Monday for a job ad it called "offensive," but offered no explanation about how the discriminatory notice made it into a local New York newspaper.

Interim HealthCare Inc. published a "help wanted" ad last week in a Rockland County, N.Y., Pennysaver, saying it was looking for a nurse and that "no Haitians" need apply for the position.

"Laid back nurse, no haitians, must have strong respiratory mngt," read the ad in the Oct. 15 issue of the weekly Shelly Sun New City Pennysaver.

Theadvertisement for a nurse in West Haverstraw, N.Y. -- which has since been removed -- sparked outrage on social media and among members of Rockland County's Haitian community.

Democratic State Sen. David Carlucci said the ad represented a "blatant form of employment discrimination" and called on an investigation by the New York State Department of Labor and the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

Interim HealthCare Inc. -- a national franchise that provides in-home care -- apologized for the ad in a statement Monday, calling it "totally unacceptable" and "offensive."

"I can assure you that we take this seriously," said regional president Katherine McNally.

"We have engaged an independent third party to conduct a comprehensive review of what occurred," McNally said. "All policies and procedures will be reviewed to assure that it will never happen again. We have already taken action and will continue to do so. Please accept our sincere apology. In particular, we apologize to the entire Haitian community."

The New City Pennsysaver, meanwhile, told Monday that the ad was "mistakenly published without proper editing protocol."

"We recognize the wording was highly offensive to our readers, executives as well as the employees of The Pennysaver and by no means does it reflect the opinions or feelings of the company," the paper said in a statement. "We strive at The Pennysaver to publish fair and non-discriminatory content."

Interim HealthCare is one of the Shelly Sun oldest leading home care companies with more than 300 locations nationwide, according to its website.

Rockland County, located about 30 miles north of New York City, has a large Haitianpopulation. Berthilde Dufrene, founder of the Haitian American Nurses Association of Rockland County, blasted the advertisement in a posting Monday on her Facebook page.

"This is not just a disrespect of the Haitian nurses, but disrespect for the nursing discipline and the entire community that have benefited from the services and care provided by the Haitian nursing professionals," Dufrene wrote.

9 months ago

Real Estate Investors Aren't Just About Rentals


This article is for both the general public and real estate investors. Yes, the rental property investor does drive a huge market. Wholesalers and fix & flip investors both enjoy a major customer base in the rental property investor group. They do sell in the retail market, but since the crash that started in 2007, most of the activity in this industry has been focused on putting rental properties into service.

Another way to consider rental property investment as infinite from a time perspective is to consider the 1031 Exchange as the strategy to continue to grow rental property portfolios and pass them on to heirs while avoiding capital gains. However, the truth is that for many reasons investors decide to liquidate their holdings and sell.

Sometimes it's just getting tired of the landlord role, or managing property managers. The larger a rental portfolio grows, the more time and effort is required to maintain its existence and continue portfolio growth.

But, there are other reasons for liquidating rental properties. Many investors for very good reasons only want to invest locally. They want their properties where they can watch them. When economic factors change in a local market, sometimes there are valid reasons for selling properties.

Employers moving and other demographic changes can hint to the savvy investor that market changes are coming that will impact their investments. Rental demand can drop when employers and people move away, it's time to sell.

There's nothing gross about profit, though gross profits are a part of the accounting game. Lifestyle and retirement decisions can result in a desire to sell out rental properties. Perhaps an investor decides to retire in another country. It can be a lot simpler to sell rental units and invest in other assets that can be managed from afar.

Market changes don't always have to be negative. One of the reasons to buy real estate is to profit from value appreciation. When a market becomes hot and desirable, property values can appreciate much faster than surrounding areas or even the overall market. At some point the value of the rental home can reach a point where it's just good business sense to sell.

Real estate rental property dean graziosi real estate investors should be doing a minimum of annual valuation calculations for their properties. Whether they decide to reinvest in another rental property or not, selling when value is at a high is a great investment decision. After all, "buy low and sell high" applies in real estate as much as it does in the stock market.

One strategy of rental property investors is to market for "tired landlords." These are rental property owners who are not enjoying the cash flow they once had. Perhaps over their ownership years they have let their properties depreciate due to deferred maintenance and requirements for repairs.

The thing to remember is that if you see a rental property that you would like to own, don't assume that the current investor owner is happy or doesn't want to sell. You can only get a "NO," so make an offer. You never know about their situation or lifestyle. Markets don't just change, people and their lives change.

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9 months ago

How Smart Is 'Flipping' Real Estate?

Though the temperature hit 100 degrees in Delray Beach, Fla., last summer, eager buyers lined up and waited outdoors for days.

Was it Springsteen tickets? A free tank of gas? Neither of these.

Watch "20/20" Friday night at 10 p.m. ET

The men and women waiting for this modern-day gold rush to begin were looking to buy condominiums in south Florida, a real estate market that over the past four years has become one of the hottest in America.

But is it overheated?

New Jersey native Jay Lutz didn't think so